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ADAPT Training

ADAPT Training


Fitness, Health & Wellness

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The ADAPT training system allows our trainers and therapists the
ability to modify and customize exercises to fit the physical needs of each
client.  We focus on establishing muscular efficiency to relieve pain and
increase function so clients are able to achieve their goals.

The ADAPT training system is a one of a kind physical development program. It is one of the first training systems to incorporate the two worlds of physical therapy with performance training and athletic enhancement under one philosophy. ADAPT OFFERS Athletic Enhancement; Injury Rehabilitation; Group, Team and Personal Training; Massage Therapy. Understanding how your body individually adapts to different types of stimuli is the key to unlocking compensative movement. We create the optimal training environment to maximize your athletic potential. There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you place your body in the right environment to ADAPT.


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Power Partner


Jeff Nelson

Chris Bryan

Courtney Bryan

Brian Cassidy

Kirsten Cassidy

Bryan Erickson

Dr. Scott Fuller, DC
Sports Chiropractor

Mary Gruen
Physical Therapist

Holly Resnick
Marketing Specialist

Kandice Vinson
Director of Therapy

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