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College Nannies Sitters+Tutors Builds Stronger Families by providing role models through full-service childcare solutions & tutoring. Serving west Portland.

Experience a life-changing sitters solution (no really).

We’re not just a website. We’re a local service that guarantees you’ll have a sitter whenever you need one. Period. So say yes to whatever comes up.

We're Professional. There are sitters, and then there are College Sitters. Ours truly stand out from the crowd. And when you get down to it, shouldn't the person taking care of your children be exceptional. 

We’re accountable. We take a personal interest in you to find the sitter help that’s right for your family. We don’t just book and disappear. Our Team works before, during and after to assess performance and make adjustments and improvements when needed.

We're flexible.  Our mobile APP - My Sitters™ is here to transform how you schedule a sitter. Whenever you need us, for whatever reason, scheduling is fast, easy & convenient.

We're on the go. Whether you need a nanny or sitter at home or while you are traveling, there is simply no better place to turn. Not just child care. Positive role models. Nurturing, fun, responsible sitters that build stronger families.® 

Jovie offers outstanding in-home childcare to families - full-time, part-time, or whatever you need. We’re looking for amazing caregivers who want to build their own full or part-time schedule.

Today’s families are constantly juggling it all – work, home, school and social life. It takes time and energy to find, interview and train an in-home caregiver. That’s why we’re here, reimagining childcare. At Jovie, we spend time “sweating the small stuff” like hiring, payroll and professional caregiver trainings, so parents don’t have to. Then we connect families to caregivers with the skills and know-how to make routines better and families stronger.


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Brian Reich
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