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Property Max, LLC

Property Max, LLC


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Property Max is a real estate investment firm that started in the Pacific Northwest and is rapidly growing throughout the nation. The founders had extensive real estate experience and joined forces to create Property Max in 2017. There is a massive opportunity for growth at Property Max, where the potential to grow with the company is increasing every year due to our large expansion plans. Our approach allows a Homeowner to streamline the process. This avoids the headache of jumping through countless hoops for months - finding contractors, making repairs, finding a listing agent, open houses, sitting on the market… and much more! Property Max is a company built on the idea that a team is a lot like a supportive family: while we want to be the best that we can be, we are always helping and supporting the people in our office to be the best they can be. The people who get to upper management have been promoted from within, through hard work, determination, and support from their colleagues.

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Business Hours : Monday - Friday (9am - 6pm)


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